"Mitsugu Gomikawa's work is immaculate. He is the person I trust most of all with my fine viola, violin and bows. Besides his craftsmanship and artistry, he is absolutely honest -- which inspires even more confidence."

- Richard Young (Vermeer Quartet)

"Mitsugu Gomikawa is a wonderful string instrument craftsman. The quality of his work is first rate and he gives great personal care to each customer. Mitsugu is an important addition to Chicago's long tradition of great instrument making."

- Hans Jensen (Professor of Cello at Northwestern University)

"To Mitsugu, with appreciation for your wonderful work and wishing you great success in your new shop. Best wishes."

- Gerardo Ribeiro

"You are the only one I trust for work on my violin and bows."

- Elliott Golub

"My best wishes to Col Legno! I am looking forward to getting the same excellent care for my instrument under a new roof, that I have been enjoying for many years from Mitsugu Gomikawa!"

- Mathias Tacke (Vermeer Quartet)